lina creates worlds with one eye shut, her index finger as her wand, controlling
moving traffic, the inhabitants, the skies, and the birds. she freezes moments,
replays them, changes scenarios, plays out the consequences, and repeats.
through this conjuring, impossible things happen in an instant; with a wave of the
wand objects vanish, come to life, and set off in motion. Inanimate objects are
brought to life, given a voice and imbued with purpose.
lina is an imagineer. lina has an mfa in design for stage and film from nyu tisch, and puppetry, marionettes, stop motion, and theatre in East Europe, Lebanon, and South America. Lina pushes for collaborative works, exposes narratives that showcase the process, and conjure animation’s history. lina takes part in different art festivals, locally and internationally, bringing forth a raw experience targeted at adults and children. lina’s great love and weakness is soap bubbles.